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To God or Not to God

Sadly, it looks like my blogging my mainly occur on the weekends for the now. Getting up before 6AM every day takes a lot out of me. Perhaps my body will adjust but I will not assume it will. The Mets are playing on the West Coast, so I didn’t get to sleep until after […]

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High School Confidential

I had today all planned. I was going to blog, watch the Met game, then go shopping. Then I got a message from Dan, no not that Dan, the other Dan, asking if I wanted to go to the Met game with him. DeGrom was pitching which made the answer yes. Jake in person is […]

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My Dinner with Barry

When you do something for almost every day for years and miss some days it’s hard to get back in the habit. That’s why I haven’t been writing. Most days I have simply been too busy. I leave for school every day around 6:40 AM. I get home around 4 PM. I then went out […]

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Grant a Wish

I have to get back into a writing routine. Blogging about school is bringing up ancient childhood reflex reactions. Mother: How was school?Child: OK Father: What happened at school today? Child: Nothing What are you idiot stories? On Thursday I got the key to my classroom. On Friday I forgot it. We keep it locked […]

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That’s My Jam

Today’s idiot story. I forgot to blog, and I wanted to. Now I have to rush as I now have to get up at 6 AM to get to school. That’s cutting it close. I have to be efficient getting ready in the morning. I used to be able to do it. I will not […]

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Back to School Special

Today was my first day of school. How’s that for not burying the lede? School is starting slowly. Today was orientation. That meant I didn’t have much to do, I just learned my way around and met my colleagues, especially my co-teacher. This is a new experience for me. For now, at least I’m not […]

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Crohnsy Capitalism

No, I’m not dead, kidnapped, hospitalized, or abducted by aliens, I just haven’t blogged in days and days. I apologize. I had good reason for not blogging at the start. On Friday I was a daredevil. On the way home from my walk I bought corn on the cob from a pop up stand on […]

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The deGromitable Polar Bear

I’ll start with the easy stuff. I went to last night’s Mets game against Colorado. I had a choice of games and chose this one because the greatest pitcher on the planet, Jacob deGrom was pitching. If I could I’d see every deGrom start. Each one can be a gem. Jake only retired the first […]

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Venn I Am in Charge

If I’m going to procrastinate I might as well, do it writing. Not going out much is tough on my writing muscles. Maybe I should entrap the muse Calliope and force her to give me inspiration. That’s a Sandman reference but it’s deeper as Gaiman was referencing me. Madoc is the character that holds Calliope […]

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Madoc and Me

I’m once again trying to write while watching the Mets. This will happen more often as I start my new job. This is a tough Met game. They fell behind 4-0, tied it up, now just allowed a three-run-homer to fall behind 7-4, It’s only the fourth inning. Fasten your seatbelts, this is going to […]