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Take This with More Than a Grain of Salt

I wasn’t going to write today but that if I didn’t I would never end up writing about Syracuse Salt Potatoes. I have never eaten one and blame LORi for not introducing them to me when we visited Syracuse on our way to Toronto. Her son was at the University. I have a weakness for […]

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I Hope My Magnetic Image Resonates with You

Today you get to hear about my MRI, isn’t that exciting? It actually is, it’s amazing technology. I feel like I’m living in the future when I get one. There is prep involved that isn’t pleasant but was much better than I remembered it. Four hours before the procedure I had to take two teaspoons […]

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Special Delivery

Today disappeared. I somehow slept until 1:30 PM. It was a rare day that I made breakfast before I turned on my computer. I know you care what I ate, it was hameggandcheese on a bagel. I’m considering not cooking dinner and just having peanut butter. Usually I think of that as a failure, but […]

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Stomped Eggshells

Good afternoon My Gentle Readers. I’m still procrastinating but at least I’m writing while the sun is out, even if it is hiding behind clouds and raindrops. I wrote that, the phone rang, and now it’s an hour later. After commenting that I had not used my voice in days I’ve now had 7 phone […]


The Man with the Puppy Dog Eyes

I’m back to not leaving my house very often. That makes it difficult to write. How many times can I write about perfectly making perfectly cooked roasted chicken in the air fryer? I also had a perfectly made baked potato. I wish my mother could have made chicken like that while I was growing up. […]

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On Your Raye Dar Redux

I suspect I’m coming out of my procrastination/anxiety episode. They never go away but that not always as bad as they’ve been the last few weeks. I was not able to do my usual promotional duties for John Platt’s On Your Radar. Yesterday was the day of the event and in the afternoon I managed […]

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It is ridiculous that I’ve waited this long to write today but that is where my head is out. I’ve been dysfunctional of late. I’m not going to dwell on that and instead discuss what I’ve done the last few days. On Sunday I made another pilgrimage to Ditmas Park to hear a porch concert […]

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My procrastination is getting worse, not better. I haven’t written in days. I spent yesterday’s therapy session on this, and it didn’t help. I wrote that sentence then spent 30 minutes on Facebook. This is getting worse. I’m going to procrastinate again, but this time with a purpose. I’ll be back after I meditate. I […]

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I just filled out my absentee ballot, put in the inner envelope, sealed, signed, and dated it, and properly put it in the out envelope with the bar code showing in the window. I still have to stamp and mail it. I’m crossing on the t’s and dotting all the i’s. I’ll mail it today […]

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Shiner Progress

Yesterday’s adventures were in health and food shopping. I had my first appointment with my new gastroenterologist, Dr. Ullman. I had to take public transit, subway, and a bus; at least the timing was good. The waiting for the transfer is the part that I hate. This was my first time in a doctor’s office […]